Chicco TRE Review

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Things can get overwhelming when you add a new member to your family, but that doesn’t mean you can use it as an excuse to hide away at home and let your health and sense of adventure wane. the Chicco TRE stroller is the answer to this problem. It will let you get out of the house and take your baby with you easily. It’s super easy to use and comfortable for both parents and kids. Thanks to the rather large three-wheeled design, you may take it almost anywhere. It’s moderately priced, but it stands out among other products because of its long life and all the great features you can take advantage of. Highly recommended for most customers, it’s a great all-around stroller.


With your child’s comfort in mind, Chicco has created a special sun canopy to help keep the sun out. The secondary shade option can be flipped to block more light and heat, which is especially useful if you’re concerned about the possibility of sunburn or if your child wants to take a nap while you’re out.

The stroller is also waterproof, which means that a sudden rainstorm won’t hit your child as hard as a traditional umbrella stroller or cloth cover. Perhaps one of the best aspects of this stroller is the Flex Core suspension system, a two-choice setup that allows you to customize the ride type to fit the terrain you’re in.


The swivel handle between the top and handlebars lets you fold the Chicco TRE down with one hand. If the front wheel locks, it automatically locks and stands up when folded, making it very convenient. On the other hand, the buckle on the harness is unnecessarily complicated, with five separate sections that click together when you’re begging a squirming toddler to sit quietly. Padded push handles, a soft parent tray with two cup holders and a large storage basket provide added convenience.


The Chicco TRE stroller has some of the best features you’d expect from a jogger, especially when it comes to maneuverability. Pneumatic tires, 12-inch front and 16-inch rear spoke wheels and the patented Adjustable, FlexCore™ allow for a softer ride on rough walks or a firmer ride when jogging. While most front wheels are locked to the actual wheel, you can lock the front wheel of the Chicco TRE to the handlebars. The manual parking brake and deceleration brake allow for better speed control and prevent accidental interference with the foot brake while running.

Seating Options

Like I mentioned above, the Chicco TRE converts to a touring system. Therefore, it actually offers two seating options for infants, however, this stroller is usually sold separately from the infant car seat. The good news is that you don’t have to purchase any additional adapters because the Chicco TRE stroller is compatible with infant car seats and can be attached directly to this Chicco TRE stroller frame.

Final Thoughts

If you’re an active mom, Chicco has you covered. I would be as quick to recommend this product to readers who live in the suburbs as urban moms, but I can’t say the same for all strollers.