Chicco Urban Stroller Review

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The Chicco Urban Stroller Besides being a very stylish and beautiful stroller, I really like the sturdiness of this stroller. You can tell it is made of quality and durable materials, just like the other products Chicco produces. It is easy to set up and take down. If you’re interested in the Chicco Urban Stroller, let’s take a look down the page!

Three different models

The highly flexible Chicco Urban Stroller has three different modes.

In KeyFit carrier mode, the Chicco Urban stroller uses a snap-in adapter designed to accept the #1 ranked Chico KeyFit infant car seat. You’ll hear a “click” when the infant car seat locks safely and securely into place.

In stroller mode, the toddler stroller seat converts to a compartment for smaller babies. It has an expandable canopy, a soft fabric liner and a removable all-weather boot.

In toddler stroller mode, the Chicco Urban stroller offers a toddler stroller seat for older children. It has a removable armrest bar. It also features an extendable canopy, soft fabric padding and a removable all-weather boot

5-point harness

For safety, the stroller has a 5-point harness that helps secure your baby safely in the stroller seat.

Versatility and ease of use

Another remarkable feature that you can appreciate about this Chicco stroller is its versatility. Now, not only does it support your growing baby, but it comes with some fancy stuff as well. This stroller has a child carrying capacity of 50 pounds

First of all, the stroller has a huge storage basket at the bottom. You can insert anything important like toys, bottles, diapers, books. I love that it can hold up to 10 pounds!

When you first receive the product, you may need some time to configure and assemble it. But many users have proven that after mastering the process, it has become a daily routine for them.


This stroller comes with a foot-operated parking brake, a simple device that ensures your baby’s safety. It’s easy to activate, even if you’re wearing flip-flops or high heels.


The Chicco Urban Stroller is a great choice for parents looking for a hassle-free travel system, a space-saving stroller, and durability.

It’s versatile enough to fit toddlers and babies up to 4 years old, so it saves parents money and time.

Plus, it’s perfect for new parents looking for a disposable stroller that can accompany them throughout the birth process.